From a very young age I used to free dive to the “deep” and hold on to any rock I could find, for as long as i could, amazed by the beauty of the big blue. I needed to be down there!

With time this calling found my other big passion, history; and the two together led me to my first scuba certification some 20 years back.

For me diving is freedom! Diving allows me to enter a time capsule, explore and tell the stories behind! Their stories. The stories of the battles fought and the souls lost!

After completing my BA degree in Accounting and Finance, I worked in various positions within the financial sector both in the UK and Greece, ranging from Trading to Project management, for almost 20 years.

During all this time of my corporate career, the sea has always been the place where I went back to, to recharge my batteries and focus.

Finally, the calling got stronger and became a dream, and that dream is Athens Divers club!

Sea u…..Down under